Sunday, March 15, 2015

BID THE GODS ARISE: A Special Sneak Peek

Darkhorn Fell (Chapter 34 Header from Bid the Gods Arise).

     In the midst of the valley, like a monolithic spike thrust into the ground, was the most unusual mountain he had ever seen. Leaning at a stark angle, the jagged thorn of stone stood taller than the sides of the gorge, and filled half of the floor. It loomed larger and larger as the caravan dropped lower, and several crooked barbs reached up from its midsection. Then it hit him. 
     It’s not a mountain. 
     It’s a tree.

It's been a while since I shared anything from my illustration project and I've gotten the okay to show a completely finished piece. We decided this was okay to show since another version of Darkhorn Fell appears on the cover.

And for something a little different, below is the original piece before I make adjustments in Photoshop. I don't usually go into process on this blog (there's enough of that out there by artists who do a good job of showing that sort of thing).

Anyway, some of the headers I'm creating for Bid the Gods Arise are done in pencil, then inked over in a traditional manner. In some cases I draw the header on thinner paper and lightbox it onto something heavier like bristol board or cardstock. In this case, I turn the rough drawing into blue line in Photoshop, print it out, then ink over it. Then I scan the inked version, remove the blue in PS, adjust the blacks a little and there you go.

Darkhorn Fell (Chapter 34 Header from Bid the Gods Arise).
Ink on archival cardstock, 8.5 x 11 (4 x 8 image area)

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