Saturday, May 25, 2013

ROTJ @ 30

Return of the Jedi is 30 today. I made another palette knife painting for it. Although The Empire Strikes Back would eventually become my favorite, I was too young when it first came out to have much of an impact. Jedi is the one that got me hooked.
Imperial Guard. Oil on canvas, 18 x 24.
after Richard Marquand and Co.
This is actually the third in what might be a series of paintings. The first was Boba Fett. The second one isn't from Jedi so I'll have it up shortly
Imperial Guard surface detail.
Imperial Guard surface detail.
Thanks for looking.
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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Original Art For Sale

Here is the original cover art for Hailstone Mountain. It's for sale.
Hailstone Mountain. Oil on MDF, 18 x 27.
Normally, I would price a painting this size at $486. After painting it I found out that MDF isn't considered archival, which basically means it will last 100 years rather than 500 years (personally, I don't think MDF has been tested enough to know that it won't last as long as "archival" grounds). Anyway, all of that is to say that I've cut the price in half. So the final price is $243 $122 plus shipping.

Above is the raw photo of the painting. Below is the painting after Photoshop manipulation by me and added text by Phil Wade as it is seen on Amazon. There are some differences I should point out for any fans of the book:
I adjusted skin color a little. The shield is red and black instead of red and green (which I based on a viking shield). Clothing is a bit desaturated in the final piece. The ax at the far right isn't so orange. In the photo I was using it appeared as a rather bright copper color. The most significant difference is in Erling's face at center. I changed his hair color and manipulated his facial features for the final picture. 

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You can purchase the book Hailstone Mountain and other works by Lars Walker on Amazon.