Saturday, March 23, 2013

What I Did on My Spring Break

Boba Fett. Oil on canvas, 18 x 24.
after Irvin Kershner and Co.
I felt like cutting loose with a palette knife painting. Most of the oil paintings on the blog are done with water-mixable oils. For this one I used M. Graham oil paint.
Boba Fett surface detail.
Boba Fett surface detail. 
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hailstone Mountain

I painted the cover for an  e-book that was just released (I did not do the border and text, but I think that was all well done). You can buy the book on Amazon. It's only three bucks! I highly recommend Lars Walker's writings.
Here's the book description (and you don't need to have read the previous installments):

"In the latest entry in the saga of Erling Skjalgsson, the 11th Century Norwegian chieftain is struck by a deadly curse, and must journey north along with his friends in order to crush it at its source. Meanwhile Freydis, niece of the smith Lemming, is kidnapped by the servants of a mysterious, ancient cannibalistic race who dwell in secret in the mountains of the north. Once again the Irish priest Father Ailill narrates a tale of struggle, faith, endurance, and supernatural peril. Fans of H. Rider Haggard will delight in this "lost world" adventure."

If you have a Kindle buy it here!